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Today Arman is a unique company that offers not only equipment of its own production under the brand Armtel, but the whole complex of services on the design and integration of industrial communication systems.

Our goal is to choose the most effective professional solution for each customer.

An integrated approach to project implementation determines the high quality requirements of own services and flexibility in dealing with customers.

Engineering is not just a set of services but the ability to manage complex projects and complicated processes, based on the experience and professionalism.

When it comes to solving business challenges using the world’s most advanced information and communication technology products and services, with the skills and experience of some of the best qualified individuals, you get something rather special: Arman.

Our unique Business Model represents our approach to configuring and integrating industrial solutions. Our solutions are designed to meet our clients’ strategic and operational needs, which we develop and maintain.

Industrial Communication and Safety Systems

Industrial Lighting Systems and Energy Saving Technologies

Industrial Infrastructure and Automation Systems