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History in Depth

Managers and engineers, many of whom had experience in leading industrial companies, united in 2000 to create a company that would be able to offer the market a comprehensive solution in the field of system integration for industry.

The gradual build-up of resources and competencies has enabled the company to respond to the growing needs of the market and offer new solutions - in 2004 the company began offering industrial communication systems under the brand Armtel, which is now well known in Russia and abroad.

Later in addition to communications systems company began to offer other industrial solutions – CCTV, industrial lighting.

Now Arman delivers the following solutions to clients:

• Industrial Communication and Safety Systems
• Industrial Lighting Systems and Energy Saving Technologies
• Industrial Infrastructure and Automation Systems

Born of a breakthrough in technology, Arman has continued to follow that same path of innovation for more than 14 years. And it's that commitment which has made the company a force in marketing a vast array of effective industrial communication and automation solutions.