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Core competency


Qualified Experts and Competence Management System

Intellectual capital is the highest value of the company - we have assembled a team of qualified specialists and to organize their work in accordance with international standards:

· Arman Quality Management System is certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2008.

· American National Standard PMBOK was selected as the standard of project management.

· To ensure consistently high quality and improve user satisfaction ITIL process approach was implemented in the work of the Service Department.

We make every effort to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to reach their potential, and therefore follow the principles of learning organization, which consists in the continuous development and improvement of skills.


Work Experience with Companies of different Industries

Specialists of Arman thoroughly examined the characteristics of production processes and can understand all specific needs of any industry.

This knowledge and the desire to meet customer's needs have helped us to develop solutions that suite to implement complex projects at the industrial sites of different sectors:

· Oil and Gas Industry

· Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

· Nuclear Industry

· Electric Power Industry

· Metals and Mining Industry

· Transport

· Marine Communication Systems

· Ministry of Interior Affairs (Russia), Ministry of Emergency Situations (Russia), Armed Forces (Russia)

The company always goes to meet clients needs, and if the existing solutions do not satisfy all needs, we have all necessary resources to create a truly unique product for a specific customer.


Using of Advanced Equipment

We understand the importance of safety and comfort in difficult working conditions, which can be developed by using industrialCommunication, Infrastructure and Automation Systems, so we choose for our solutions only products of consistent quality.

Arman Company develops and implements its solutions in different industries. During any project implementation Arman Company is aimed at customer’s specific activities and his business requirements. In combination with prospect communication technologies implemented by Arman Company, it will allow develop solutions promoting growth and efficiency increase of public institutions and commercial entities.

Own development, opening new areas and getting into new markets — all of these factors allow Arman to be at the forefront of modern trends.